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It was a dark and stormy now and the crowds were storming out. But, the shower must go oncore. I'm down and out of tune, passed the point of now review. It was an early warning sign, so it was easy to ignore. I'm waiting out the flood. Singing in the mud, where I'm wallowing and gullible enough to make believe it's my big break free, but I can't get clean. It's enough is enough.
I ended up at a show and heard another awful love song playing. I had nowhere to go, but I knew I'd heard all I could take. I told the singer, "Hey, your lyrics are trash!" Everyone: (gasp) You: (laugh) Now, I know what they say - it happens everyday Now I know what they mean because it's happening to me. I was ready to call it off I was ready for death by cop I was running down the clock until I ran into you. Hey, but what do I know? Is there something great about this place? Maybe I ain't alone. Maybe you hate everything I hate. So let's get outta here before they attack. You burn, I'll slash. You know what they say - it can happen any place. Now you know that it's true (if it's happening to you). Were you ready to call it a day? Were you ready to dilapidate? Were you running down the drain until you ran into me when I ran into you when you ran into me?
Just make it out to "cash". You can buy me off my rocker. There's a two party system to crash. Frequency illusion meets the Market Stalker. The bull the bear the bullet to bite the bull the bear unbearably light the bull the bear the heavy handout the fool the fear we won't let you down, boss. Keep me out of reach Keep that boulder rolling. I'll push back if you keep pulling through. Throw us a curve ball, flat as the earth. Show us what we're worth. Under the guise of saving our lives. Putting $ first.
Incore 02:06
Morning light, mourning light. You got someone on your side. Sometimes you gotta say goodnight. It doesn't matter where you go if there's always somewhere else in sight. You gotta get it off your mind. You gotta let it go tonight. Put up the phone. If you're alone there's only so much you can fight. I'm here to help you lose your mind.
Hip Hip Happy Ever Actors in summerstock stages of grief Reading the lines and falling behind Repeating the lines and falling between Stagehands held across America Trying to keep track of the trains. Work all day All work All play No matter the matter No matter the case It doesn't have to be a classic Everyone wants to imagine That everywhere you go you steal the show Re-returning to the first scene The bestest stress rehearsal we had Sole motivation: A standing ovation Taking directions and taking it bad Happy Ever Actors in somersault stages of grief Slamming The Door Heard Around the World Breaking the tension And faking relief It doesn't have to be perfect Making anything is worth it if Everything you do, you're being you What else is true?
Slow Move 03:05
I wrote you a letter instead of screaming for a change. It's just another note out of my range.
YAY! 03:08
Laci Hex 04:05
I know you only say it to prepare me when you dare me to get out while I can. But which part of "your witchcraft doesn't scare me" can we seem not to wanna understand? You can do your best but there's no hex strong enough to change my heart. You're all I ever wanted from the start...(flashback) Way back when I swore that I'd adore you all the more through the toil and the trouble times? (flash to present) Now I'll double double down and implore you For Goody's sake, don't break the spell that binds! You might try your worst but there's no curse tough enough to change my fate. There's not a magic wand that you can wave. There ain't an incantation you can say It's all or nothing now. You'll never cast me out. Forgive me, but you can't witch me away.


Oncore was written, performed and recorded by me, Matt Miller duh, betwixt April 12th and April 28, 2020, in a fit of keep busy-ness. But if we're talking facts, tracks 7 and 5, while performed and recorded during this aforementioned fit of keep busy-ness, were written very long ago and never had a home til now. Thank you for listening and reading.


released May 1, 2020

The wanton lonely 39 and only matt miller is
Hester Prynne, Lincoln Delano Nebraska, Sherman "The Shoosh" Rufeau, Endless Mike, Annie Proffitt, Ritz, Anjie, Jopey, SoundWeaver, Vivian Penmark, Colonel Lung Chicken (ret.), McD, My Zacky Boy, Zanettipot, Nan Ding(o+b), Samuel Paul Arvid, DJ Spacewater/The Peacemonster, Blaq Heart, Codename: ..., Sleeping Pill, Little Jonny Thorle, Tyler Heaven, DisRayHipp, The Cleric, Laika the Astrohound, DeeOh, Rodwell, SnakeBite, Bobert, Sunny Gay, Favorite Aunt Val, Grammy Pretzel, Super Stacy, The Davistator, Cubby, Linus Mansfield, G10, and, I guess, Blixa Cat.


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The One and Only Matt Miller Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

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